Slipped Shaft and Compressed PSS shaft seal

5 Apr

Seen recently on a 35ft sailboat. The shaft has slipped aft or has been incorrectly re-installed. The net result is that the PSS was under more compression than it was designed for with no give left for the bellows. The result is a leaking shaft seal and possible damage to the bellows.


3 Responses to “Slipped Shaft and Compressed PSS shaft seal”

  1. Geoff at 9:16 pm #

    I need a new stuffing box / shaft seal. Almost sank my boat when the old one (by Halyard Marine – no longer produced) started leaking (in the middle of the Baltic Sea) like a young man peeing. The yard in Stockholm is recommending replacing it with a Tides Marine model. I would like to propose a PSS seal as an alternative option. Do you have any advice on the pros and cons of these two brands?

    • bergermarinesurvey at 9:25 pm #

      Hi Geoff, I’m not familiar with the Tides Marine model but I have a PPS on my boat and I have seen many of them in Canada on surveys. Honestly I was a little worried about moving away from the traditional stuffing box type but the PSS has worked great and was easy to install myself. The shaft needs to be in very good condition though so if it is worn where the stainless collar goes you will need to make some adjustments. The fit is very exact and you don’t want leaked through the two rubber rings in the interior of the collar.

      Also there might be some odd chattering at the beginning if the shaft is either out of alignment. It’s un-nerving but in my case went away with time.

      All in all I’m very satisfied.

      • Geoff at 9:31 pm #

        Thanks for your advice. You have confirmed my feeling that the PSS model is well worth asking the yard to investigate fully. Regards – I’ll let you know which way we go with the new installation. Geoff

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