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Galvanic Isolators

11 Oct

As seen on a three year old sport cruiser this past week, these Bravo three outdrives have corroded in a significant fashion while being immersed in fresh water. This is not a normal amount of corrosion particularly since the drives are well protected by anodes. 

This is more  likely a result of boats being connected together through the marina shore power grounding wire which allows current to flow between them more easily. 

The solution for this is a Galvanic Isolator on the ground wire just inboard of the shore power dual pole breaker. Easy to wire up and will save you a lot of money down the line. The isolator blocks low amperage current associated with galvanic corrosion but will open up the conductor ( close the circuit) if there is short to ground.

Learn more at http://www.sterling-power.com/products-galvanic-why.htm